"The Letherium is involved in a process, almost factory like..."

Nicolas Tye Architects



“The lecture theatre is magnificent - like a wing stretched out over the street.”
- Samuel Alberti


The Letherium is involved in a process, almost factory like, but the key is expert and public interventions into this system.

By ‘filtering’ the artefacts the objects can be located into areas which might include: dangerous, damaged, devalued, disputed or re-rationalised ‘pavilions’.

Our buildings not only describe themselves by reacting to views, lines and offsets within the cityscape but also describe in their materiality, solidity and transparency the activities from within. The solidity of dangerous, the protecting of damaged, the transparency of public and research spaces, the enclosure of basement archive.

Our intervention starts below ground with storage and archive areas. At ground level a new city ‘mat’, with differing materials from stone, water, soil and gravel positioned in lines of least or most resistance, based on the city grid and its offsets, lays the template for our proposal. By creating basins, plateaus, stone, gravel and water ‘fields’ we start to involve the public in the space of our proposals. The ground floor area becomes a series of public display piazza arenas. Open and enclosed spaces, retail and display, interactivity of a selection of display, but also transfer nodes to other areas of the complex.

The southern side of the site contains a combination of the dangerous materials, research and administrative areas. There are two primary entrances to the site, at the north-west corner and the southern central building. Artefacts are delivered underground through Brazil Street.
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Co-recipient of the Charles Dobsworth Award for Architectural Design

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