"...shifting the meaning and value of the object away
from a centralised body
of knowledge..."



"A sophisticated piece of design that engages in a kinematic sculpting of space..."
- Grahame MacDougall

The main idea behind the proposal is to break away from the traditional role of museums by shifting the meaning and value of the object away from a centralised body of knowledge to a localised/de-centralised system of enriching.

Each object is scanned and logged as an entry, with traditional research and restoration taking place. The object also undergoes enrichment with a tagging system derived from the virtual world of the internet allowing multiple meanings to be added via individuals with their version of history, and groups who wish to add their version.

As "history is written by the victors" we break this hegemony and allow the losers to input meaning and truth, where before they were silenced. There is no method of censorship thus painting a fuller picture of each entry.

Once the objects develop their virtual life, the curation process begins, invited groups along with random individuals will be allowed to propose themes and topics to base an exhibition around. There need be no educational or political imperative to the exhibition - indeed artists and poets can express other worlds based on colours or feelings.

Each month the smaller exhibition areas change, allowing rapid reviews of the catalogue. Each time the enrichment process develops as visitors add their tagging information. Longer duration exhibitions are also mounted via local groups, by the in-house curating team or by visiting museum/gallery staff.