"The new Letherium will
be submerged within its surroundings"

Liminal Solutions


"I am personally
much in awe of the
aesthetic convictions of this entry.”
- Trevor Boddy

Water as a transitional medium figures prominently in the history of the Manchester Letherium.

In our proposal for the new Manchester Letherium, we at Liminal Solutions have chosen to place emphasis on the site’s proximity to Rochdale Canal. The new Letherium will be submerged within its surroundings. Visitors will enter the site at ground level and descend into the museum. The new Letherium site will continue the institution’s precarious relationship with water while simultaneously acting as a reminder of the past.

In an effort to preserve the spirit of a declaration made by the early keepers of the Letherium, we think it is integral to the success and longevity of this institution, and others of similar ilk, to be open to the public without a general fee for admission. Liminal Solutions is a firm believer in creating collecting institutions that double as sites of social-reinvention.
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Recipient of the
A. J. Samuels Prize for Most Beguiling Presentation

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