"These publicly displayed objects...will be allowed to further decay on their podiums..."

Five.Two Design


"...this scheme represents the clearest thinking of all entries and the response is totally rational."
- Grahame MacDougall

Deaccessioned objects will arrive first to the Manchester Letherium Warehouse and Office building where they will first be categorized as:
1. Dangerous Materials,
2. Damaged, Decayed, Devalued Materials
3. Culturally Disputed Materials,
4. Redundant.

Dangerous Materials will then be disposed of appropriately. Culturally Disputed Materials will remain within the building for further research by the public and those concerned with their placement.

Damaged, Decayed and Devalued as well as Redundant Materials and Objects will be redistributed for public viewing and placed in appropriately sized podiums that will exist throughout the Manchester Letherium Public Park, the greater Manchester area, and even throughout England at large. These publicly displayed objects, delightful moments of interest and curiosity, will be allowed to further decay on their podiums and will be totally disposed of and replaced as the need arises.

The Letherium Podiums allow the objects to be returned to the public, and eventually complete their process of decay.