"How Deep Is Culture?"



"Quite a serious consideration of a real world need: keep absolutely everything that was ever made."

- Mark Dion

How deep is culture?

This proposal for the new Manchester Letherium (ML) examines the consequences of limitless artefact retention.

For example, of the 3,096,099 Trabants produced at the Sachsenring factory over a 33 year period, a handful remain, collectors items in enthusiasts owners clubs and “design museums”. How representative is this survival of a symbol of Eastern European transportation?

Should we not keep everything?

The ML therefore provides a framework for storage and retrieval of anything and everything which would otherwise be consigned to the memory. It makes a literal and physical slant of George Legrady’s “Pockets Full of Memories”, extending the process of archive creation by imagining how objects might be recovered.

You dial-in to the ML network on your mobile ‘phone. A screen menu is displayed. What qualities do you want to study today? You enter your preferences; these maybe quantum, tactile, visual, personal, or whatever, and wait… an opportunity to take a casual beer or coffee at Manto’s, to gaze over the canal wall and observe the unfolding public spectacle.

Within the ML an elaborated retrieval system gets to work. Drawing upon sources with no physical limit, your constraints are synthesised in the matrix. Bubbles light up the square in front of you, orange, green , purple….that’s me!