"...four distinct categories..."

Adrian Clark



culture in a milky matrix... "
- Trevor Boddy


There are four distinct categories of storage, each of these is housed in its own separate storage cube, each cube is clad in a different material to signify the different classifications of storage.

The more open display and office accommodation is housed in transparent glazed blocks to highlight the contact between the different aspects of the building. The display area is where these two aspects meet and is also where the solid void elements meet. The storage cubes pierce the roof and are visible with this space.

The scale of the storage cubes is similar to the surrounding buildings and they are locked along Whitworth St. to create a façade to the street and shield the public square behind. The historic arrangement of the streets is kept but the streets have become pedestrian streets. At ground floor level a new public square is created and protected by the new surrounding buildings. This faces onto and is at the same level as the canal. There are a number of retail and food/drink outlets around the edge of the square along with useful hard landscaping. This will make the square a lively and pleasant space to inhabit.