The ML:IDEAS competition is now closed. Thank you to the many contributors who submitted proposals. To see ML:IDEAS competition finalists' entries click here.


Finalists for the competition will be unveiled at Cornerhouse Gallery in Manchester on 1 April, 2005. Watch this website in the weeks following 1 April 2005 for details on the finalists' submissions.

Requirements + Registration

The Manchester Letherium Competition was open to any individual or group. There were no submission fees and pre-registration was not required to enter the competition.

All materials submitted had to be accompanied with return postage and be accompanied with a completed application form (see Materials:What to Submit, below).

Materials submitted to the competition, if used in publication, will be fully credited.



  The deadline for the competition was 1 Feb, 2005.


  Finalists will be announced April 2005.

Materials: What to submit


Those entering the competition were asked to submit any or all of the items A, B, and C. from the list below.  Item D (application form) is not optional and must accompany any materials sent.

A.    1 (one) panel no bigger than A2 showing images/words that best describe your proposal.

B.    A written description outlining major themes/ideas expressed in the proposal. This shall be no longer than 500 words.

C.   1 (one) physical model --any material--designed to slot into the MLC existing site model (scale is 1:300). Please see Site Materials Section for more information.

D. A completed application form. (Include with your submitted materials) The form is available as a PDF by cliking here.

All contact information will be held in confidence.

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