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A. All text and image material on this website is the exclusive property of the Manchester Letherium Corporation.

  B. The entities "Manchester Letherium", "The Manchester Letherium Corporation", "The Manchester Letherium Society" and any other institutional references to "Letherium" are completely non-transferable to reality. Only the photographic and environmental data pertaining to the Letherium site are authentic.

C. Any resemblance to actual persons or places is entirely intentional. Enquires pertaining to this project may be directed to: info@letherium.org



  The Manchester Letherium Corporation is David Ross and Rebecca Duclos. They are not a registered Corporation in any country, but they do gratefully acknowledge the support of the Arts Council England,The Banff Centre, and The Canadian High Commission in London for their gracious financial and intellectual support with this project.

The Letherium Project is the result of a collaboration with a number of people working closely with Rebecca Duclos and David Ross. These include: Peter Seal (illustrations, historic graphics), Elizabeth Kramer (as S. Scott Tebbit), and Dr Samuel Alberti (as Prof. Albert Samuels), as well as the members of the Banff Centre's Informal Architecture Residency.
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